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Sapan Shah

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Web Designers and Developers, enjoy! Yes, I know there are browser compatibility problems, there are bandwidth problems, your clients don't seem to understand what can be done and what cannot, time seems to be running like a chicken about to be caught and slaughtered, your form tags don't show the way you want in Netscape, your own portfolio site is on hold because you have to complete a project by tomorrow, and you always seem to find something strange in your site when you view it on other operating systems.

The problems never die. But what we are enjoying in terms of technology is really laudable if you consider the period in which we have made all these happen. Take Blogger for instance. Don't you ever feel the need to express what you have dreamt of last night, or some lines of poetry you want others to read, or a new site that your fellow brothers need to see? Or, for that matter, when you come across some of these sites, mentioned by others, you really feel thankful to those guys, don't you? This concept of creating your own Blog, has made it possible.

Then there are these guys at Macromedia who are releasing Flash MX. Just go through the new and revised features of this brand new upgrade and you will realise how easy they are making it for us to explore the possibilities of web development. We never thought about all this just two years back, but now we can. How would you feel when your client says, "WOW!"?

Sites like evolt, Digital-Web,

Macromedia, Adobe,

DeviantArt and many more like them are working hard to provide us with free information. Yes, free and that's important. They may be getting tons of money for their products, but hey, don't you profit from their information and support? You surely do. We are the web community and here on the net, sharing is more important than caring about what you own and possess, whether it's skills or information.

We embody the communication here, yet we are also the medium. We are the experts, yet we are also still learners. So don't just sit there with your heads sunk below your shoulders. It's time to provide others with what you have to share. It's time to give back and to get more. Indulge your fingers to dedicate, and run your mouse to attain.

Sapan Shah

Insisaps is from Pune, India and has been into web development business for close to 3 years now. Previously working at WebSource as a Senior Web Designer, he finds time to Evolt as well as do freelance work... Zero Degree Celcius.
He also writes (oh no) poems & songs for his love of words and music...


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