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Who Runs Evolt Org

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Dave McLean

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User since: 14 Dec 1998

Articles written: 18

Many people believe that is run by a single individual or a small group of technocrats. The reality of this is that it is the members of that run Whether it is participating in discussions on our mailing list, adding browsers to the browser archive, contributing articles to thesite or building the features that will power the next incarnation of, the members are running the show.

However, as with any organization, there is a group of people who must harness all the great work of's members and we do so by having a number of mailing lists to churn through the future direction and day-to-day operations that a swank organisation like entails. is run by members from Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, England, Iceland, India, New Zealand, Scotland, and all over the US. Not one of us is compensated monetarily for our efforts and contributions, and we continue in the spirit of community to make as successful as possible.

Because is becoming a complex beast, and to let people work on areas they're most interested in, evolt's admin work is split between five working groups:

  • Content

    Responsible for editing and approving articles on the site, administering subscriptions to thelist and thechat and handling incoming mail from Contact Us forms

    Content Membership:

    • Aardvark (Adrian Roselli)
    • Alan McCoy
    • Ben Dyer
    • Brian King
    • Chris Spruck
    • Dean Mah
    • Elfur Logadottir
    • Garrett Coakley
    • Hugh Blair
    • Isaac Forman
    • Jeff Howden
    • Lachlan Cannon
    • Madhu Menon
    • Marlene Bruce
    • Martin Burns
    • Megan Heald
    • Scott Dexter
    • stef*notabene (Stephane Deschamps)
    • Weston Renoud
    • William Anderson
    • Wolfgang Bromberger
    • Joel Canfield

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  • Design/Development

    Responsible for ongoing enhancements to the evolt websites, including,,, and This group handles visual design, IA, Usability, Accessibility and all coding.

    Design/Development Membership:

    • Aardvark (design implementation -- HTML, CSS, maybe basic scripting)
    • Chris Spruck (HTML, CSS, JS, CF, XML/XSL, Testing, Editing, d.e.o.)
    • Elfur Logadottir (IA, UI design, HTML, CSS)
    • Eric Engelmann (HTML,CSS, JS, ASP if needed, Testing, Editing, SQL Server)
    • Erika Meyer
    • Garrett Coakley (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, User Interface Dev, Testing)
    • Hugh Blair (I'm probably only good for proofreading and HTML)
    • Isaac Forman (mostly visual design)
    • Javier Velasco (IA, Visual Design)
    • Jeff Howden (lead CF development on weo)
    • Jeremy Ashcraft (PHP, backend stuff)
    • Lachlan Cannon (markup, CSS, PHP, JS, grammar / spell checking copy).
    • Lindsay Evans (CF, PHP, JS, CSS, HTML)
    • Madhu Menon (Information Architecture, User Interface design, Usability testing, Copywriting, Visual Design)
    • Marlene Bruce (IA, User Interface Design, Usability, HTML, CSS, Editing)
    • Megan Heald (HTML, CSS, JS, testing, database stuff, proofreading)
    • Mike King (standards / usability, testing, HTML, CSS, PHP)
    • Miriam Frost (Visual Design, IA, HTML)
    • Ron Dorman (PHP, HTML, CSS, backend)
    • Rudy Limeback (data modelling, database design, query and module design, general idiot-proofing)
    • Tara Cleveland (HTML, CSS, visual design, Testing, interface design and IA)
    • Weston Renoud (HTML, CSS, JS, testing, graphics possibly)
    • William Anderson (measures of design, coding and graphical work perhaps, definitely interested in beo upgrade)

    View Design/Development Archives

  • Finance

    Responsible for making sure evolt can pay for the things it needs, including handling all incoming donations in kind and cash, plus paying the bills incurred by the other groups.

    Finance Membership:

    • Aardvark (Adrian Roselli)
    • Elfur Logadottir
    • Hugh Blair
    • John Handelaar
    • Marlene Bruce
    • Martin Burns

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  • Marketing

    Responsible for developing evolt's reputation and brand - the entire experience of evoltness - and developing relationships with external bodies. Jointly responsible with Finance for fundraising. If you read anything written evolt says about itself, chances are it's been written by a member of Marketing.

    Marketing Membership:

    • Aardvark
    • Elfur Logadottir
    • Erika Meyer
    • Hugh Blair
    • Isaac Forman
    • Javier Velasco
    • Joel Canfield
    • John Handelaar
    • Lachlan Cannon
    • Madhu Menon
    • Martin Burns
    • McLean
    • Rudy Limeback

    View Marketing Archives

  • Sysadmin

    Responsible for keeping the servers, services and connection up and running. Without Sysadmin, an online organisation like evolt can't exist.

    SysAdmin Membership:

    • AlanLloyd (meo account setup / maintenance)
    • Garrett Coakley (server administration)
    • Jeff Howden (meo account setup/maintenance)
    • Jeremy Ashcraft (server admin in GMT-6, if needed)
    • Matt Warden
    • Ron Dorman (hosting, tech support, server administration)
    • Mike King (server admin, whatever needs a hand GMT +0000)
    • William Anderson (beo admin/maintainence, anything else ad hoc)
    • Patti Ames (server admin GMT-8)
    • Dean Mah (GMT-7)

    View SysAdmin Archives

There are 2 more non-working groups:

  • Steering Committee

    This group is made up of representatives elected by each of the working groups. It sets the scope of each working group and takes the key decisions (such as "Should we move hosting to provider X?").

    Steering Committee Membership:

    • Content:

      • Christian Heilmann
      • Stephane Deschamps
    • Design/Development:

      • Garrett Coakley
      • Tara Cleveland
    • Finance:

      • David Kaufman
      • Elfur Logadottir

    • Marketing:

      • Lachlan Cannon
      • (other member to be nominated)
    • SysAdmin:

      • Judah McAuley
      • William Anderson

    View Steering Committee Archives

  • TheForum

    This group is open to any evolt member, and is where evolt's general policy and direction is discussed. Working Group members are nearly all members of TheForum.

    View TheForum Archives

A founder of, Dave McLean (damclean) is Principal and Creative Director of dw creative, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Dave has more than 10 years of experience in visual and written communications. Developing two-bit sites for the Web since just after its inception, Dave is currently working full-time in the marketing department of a public community college.

As a founding member of Dave once held the position of Minister of Propaganda. He now sits one the sidelines heckling the current administration. You hippies!

Dave readily admits he stole his Bio template from the infamous aardvark, but has since converted it to his own purposes.

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