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Sql Dba Architect Position At Large Enterprise Company In Midtown Manhattan

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Dan Reits

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SQL Database Administrator/Architect to work within the IT Department (Non Development Role)

POSTION: SQL DBA Administrator/Architect

Compensation: $120k+

STATUS: Temp to Permanent Employee (Full-Time)

Location: Midtown Manhattan, New York City

Summary of the Position:

Work at one of the "largest sports entertainment companies in the world".

The successful candidate will join a team of professionals who are responsible for systems and infrastructure administration in three production datacenter environments. The Client operates a rapidly expanding technology environment comprised of hundreds of servers, network devices, many SAN devices and distributed Blade Chassis'. The primary infrastructure is comprised of Microsoft Server 2003/2008 operating systems, SANS included IBM N5200, IBM H & S Class Chassis, Microsoft- based and SQL Server 2005/2008 databases.

Job Responsibilities:

• Ongoing administration of SQL database infrastructure and servers

• Architectural design of SQL databases and SQL servers

• Business continuity, backup, and recovery of SQL databases

• Systems integrations between Infrastructure and Development for SQL

• Creation, execution, and optimization of SQL stored procedures

• Security, patching, upgrades and maintenance of SQL servers

• Performance monitoring and reporting for SQL servers

Support the stability and operations of the Client by offering in a 24x7x365 highly available production data center setting, adhering to existing policies on changes & incident management.

• Install, configure, and maintain Windows 2003+ server environments performing pre/post provisioning tasks such as build out, inventorying, backups, monitoring, and patching.

• Deploy servers, updates and new features for the Client's Application Development Dept into production environments.

• Demonstrated ability to make good decisions that ensure quick resolution of events.

• Perform after-hours or weekend server maintenance as needed and participate in on-call rotation, receiving and responding to afterhours alerts.

• Ability to work in a fast-paced, team-orientated environment.

• Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks and meet timelines and objectives in high pressure situations.

• Excellent communication skills (written and oral).

• Additional responsibilities as assigned by Management.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

• 3-5 Years experience with enterprise class Microsoft SQL deployments

• Expert experience with Microsoft SQL

• Expert experience with Microsoft SQL clustering

• Expert experience with SQL replication and recovery.

• Expert experience working with SQL as an Administrator/Architect in a large Data Center

• Knowledge and understanding of VMWare virtualization and running SQL in a virtual environment.

• Knowledge and understanding of SAN and NAS attached workloads, Netapp preferred

• Ability to write technical documentation

Education and Experience Required::

• Certifications in Computer Information Systems or related field (MCSE preferred).

• Minimum of three years hands-on relevant technical experience within a Data Center supporting over 200+ servers.

• Degree in Computer Science or related Information Technology field.

About Itrends the Recruiting Agency:

Why work with us at Itrends?

Itrends is a Staffing and Technology Solutions firm that provides qualified services and staff for some of the largest companies across the U.S. and the world. The people at Itrends enjoy the environment, the company and the opportunities presented to all of its in-house and office site staff, partners and employees making us one of the best organizations to work and do business with. The company has been offering technology and marketing solutions since 1992. Our employees and consultants work with some of the largest enterprise technology houses and develop more experience utilizing the latest technologies and working on many complex project to enhance their skills for the future. Our roster of clients, affiliates, vendors and partners have allowed us to implement and maintain goals that are beneficial for the sucess of everyone in and around us while we not lose focus of those that make Itrends the company it is today.

• Excellent Compensation

• Bonuses


• Full-Time, Part-Time and Temporary opportunities

Visit for more information about the company.


• Over $120K+

• Commensurate with experience

• Bonuses and other opportunities

Mandatory Application Requirements:

1. Submit Resume

2. Submit Compensation Requirements

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