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Lead Scientific Programmer Analyst

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Leslie Dean

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Job Title: Lead Scientific Programmer/Analyst

Company Name: Science Systems and Applications, Inc.

Location: Suitland, MD

SSAI seeks a Lead Programmer/Analyst to provide science and software support to the NOAA Environmental Satellite Processing Center applications specifically for non-NOAA applications. Applications include several based on date from NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) missions such as MODIS, AMSR-E and Jason-2. The ideal candidate will have experience with operational processing of EOS data from Level 0 to Level 3. The candidate will perform full life-cycle system/software engineering support for software applications written in FORTRAN and C for Polar-Orbiting Environmental Satellites (POES) for global, long-term forecasting and environmental monitoring, ingest/decode multi-satellite sensor systems and Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) for meteorological product processing systems which use COTS software (McIDAS and IDL) to process weather satellite imagery, model data, and family of services data for product distribution to NOAA customers for use in weather analysis.

The candidate will program, modify, debug, integrate, and test applications which process and distribute NOAA weather data in a 24x7 operational environment. Key tasks include providing immediate code fixes for problems impacting product delivery/quality in real-time, as well as problem solving to isolate and correct root causes that impact system performance over time. Develop, implement and maintain product enhancements using Software Development Life Cycle as required by the customer. The candidate will identify and communicate technical problems, processes and solutions and must be prepared to convert science level software into code capable of running in a production environment, including software design, engineering, and debugging. Candidate will assist in the collection and documentation of user's requirements and prepare reports, manuals and other documentation on the status, operation and maintenance of software.

As lead programmer, the candidate will coordinate the actions of a team of programmers and will assist management in monitoring and reporting team activities.

Position may require support of operational applications with 24x7 on call responsibilities.

This position requires U.S. citizenship and is located in Camp Springs Maryland.

Required Skills/Knowledge & Abilities:

• BS degree (or equivalent) in Physical Science, Computer Science, or an Engineering discipline

• 15 or more years’ experience in code development supporting environmental applications

• Demonstrated senior-level programming skills in Fortran 77/90, and C in a Linux environment

• Strong scripting experience (Perl, Bourne shell or similar)

• Experience successfully porting science code into a production environment

• Demonstrated ability to use a software debugger

• Self-motivated individual who can extract and understand requirements from discussions with

customers and colleagues, then translate the requirements into viable technical solutions and

plans for actions

• Ability to clearly and concisely describe work products and issues, and communicate

effectively with a diverse technical team of IT professionals, programmers, and scientists

• Experience with data visualization tools, such as IDL or McIDAS, experience in the use of

Satellite data, UNIX scripting and HTML (Java a plus).

• Knowledgeable of software requirements documentation and configuration management

• U.S. Citizenship essential

To apply, please visit our website at and click on Employment.

SSAI is an EOE-Equal Opportunity Employer

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