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Senior Lamp Developer For Earth Org Remote Fulltime

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Vadim Zhernovoi

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Hello, my name is Vadim and i am looking for a Senior LAMP Developer for is a collaboratively written travel guide with a non profit approach. Our vision is to provide free and reliable travel information, which we consider as hard to find in between so much advertising.

Our 100% remote team works from around the world on our silently launched beta. We are a small, open-minded, and dedicated team looking for a few good people to work independently at the workplace of their choice - be it a beach in Goa, a cafe in Paris or your bedroom in San Francisco. If you are passionate about sustainable travel and would like to help us create this responsible, inclusive and free travel guide we want to hear from you.

To complete our technical team is looking for 1 (one) more passionate, ingenious, responsible, creative and underpaid senior developer (ideally 40 hours/week). You will play a central role in the technical development of, your opion is heart and matters.


Your tasks include:

- Take part in the technical development of an extraordinary collaborative web 2.0 project

- Separation of business logic and presentation through the use of an MVC framework (we are partly using cakePHP)

- Interaction with remote APIs through several means, including AJAX and possibly sockets

- Reuse and integration of publicly available components like Zend framework

- Design, document, implement or refactor and extend existing modules.

The successful candidate will have:

- Minimum of 2 years experience in the LAMP environment, ideally experience with larger web applications

- You know and use Web 2.0 applications (e.g. APIs, mashups), ideally you programmed in the field of web 2.0

- Knowledge of good coding practices

- Strong grasp of the English language

- Sharing of our environmental, social and cultural friendly mindset

The following abilities and skills will be considered an advantage:

- You have a degree in computer science, and in any case a high degree of structured thinking

- Experience with development frameworks (CakePHP), subversion handling

- A thorough understanding of the concepts and patterns of OOP

- Strong knowledge of Linux/Unix environment and server administration

- Experience with Zend framework

- Remote work experience, at least you have the ability to work with people from other countries, cultures, languages and belief structures

We will only take replies that contain:

- A detailed description of your experience regarding our requirements

- Your hourly fee

Location: remote work at your preferred location

Time horizon: minimum 12 months, preferable long-term

Interested? Contact us at:


See all open positions here:

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