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Javascript Programmer Wanted For Earth Org

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Anne C

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JavaScript programmer for (LAMP) (remote, 5-10 hours)

At we are building a Web2.0 travel guide with a responsible mindset, collaboratively sourced from users and travellers around the world. And we're not just talk about being responsible: at least 50% of our net profits will go into environmental, social and cultural projects.

We are a 100% remote team around the world working on the initial beta which has been silently launched and needs your support to get off the ground. We are a small, open-minded and dedicated team and are looking for people who can work independently at the workplace of their choice - be it a beach in Bali, a cafe in Rio de Janeiro or your bedroom in Prague (due to time zone problems we can not consider Australia and New Zealand).

To complete our technical team is looking for 1 (one) more passionate, ingenious, responsible and underpaid full time Web 2.0 JavaScript programmer (ideally 5-10 hours/week), who will play a central role in the technical development of


Your tasks include:

- JavaScript user interface for

- Advanced usage of Google maps

- Integration of third party widgets into our web site

- Interaction with remote APIs through JSON

- Creation of widgets for third party web sites

- Social network widgets (Facebook, MySpace, ...)

Our requirements:

- Minimum of 2 years experience in the JavaScript, ideally experience with larger web applications

- Expirience with prototypeJS

- Ideally experience with Facebook JS API and OpenSocial

- Ideally you have a degree in computer science, and in any case a high degree of structured thinking

- You know and use Web 2.0 applications (e.g. APIs, mashups), ideally you programmed in the field of web 2.0

- Strong grasp of the English language

- Ideally remote work experience, at least you have the ability to work with people from other countries, cultures, languages and belief structures

- You share our environmental, social and cultural friendly mindset

We can only take replies that contain:

- A detailed description of your experience regarding our requirements

- Your hourly fee

Location: remote work at your preferred location

Time horizon: minimum 12 months, preferable long-term

Interested? Contact us at:


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