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Ben Jackson

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User since: 09 Jun 2009

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Are you a great programmer with a passion for producing efficient code, fast queries and well-structured applications?

Would you like to work for a very small, creative, entrepreneurial and fast growing business where your decisions matter and your abilities are challenged?

We are looking for a smart, ambitious developer for start-up hotel price comparison website You will tackle problems head on, work alone and as part of our small team. Initially you will improve existing website functionality and code and then implement a stack of new on-site features (and external applications like Facebook, widgets and Google mapplets) to keep us fresh in a hugely competitive and innovative industry. As part of our team you will learn, keep up to date and put into practice the latest coding and SEO techniques, be at the forefront of web 2.0 and learn more than you can imagine about online travel!

Critical Skills:

  • Excellent PHP (object oriented) and MySQL
  • Javascript and AJAX
  • 3+ years commercial experience
  • Organised, task focused and self motivated


  • XML
  • SEO
  • Google maps
  • Wiki software
  • Hand code PHP, HTML, etc. IDEs are OK but hand coding means you know the ins and outs of the entire code base.


We are a small, entrepreneurial team who work hard and have huge ambitions. We are passionate about travel, best practice coding and are consumer champions. We are looking for someone who has excellent technical ability, shares our mentality and is looking for a long-term, exciting career.

We are based in Shoreditch, East London.


Monday to Friday 9.30am to 6pm.

£25-£30K, bank holidays, 20 days annual leave (increasing 1 day per year up to 25) plus QUARTERLY BONUSES.


Email Ben Jackson at with:

  • Your CV
  • Why you’d like to work for
  • How your skills could be used to develop the service
  • Examples of your work
  • Call us if you want to have a chat about the role on 020 7749 4878.

No agencies or off-shoring offers.

Managing Director of hotel price comparison site

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