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Analytics Manager Data Mining Search Engine Optimization

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Anne Chabot

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Analytics manager - Data miner (5h/week - remote) is currently looking for an Analytics manager with data mining skills. You provide ad-hoc support for our marketing department and work with our SEO manager. is a collaborative travel guide with a non profit approach. Our vision is to provide free and reliable travel information, which we consider as hard to find in between so much advertising.

Our 100% remote team works from around the world on our silently launched beta. We are a small, open-minded, and dedicated team looking for a few good people to work independently at the workplace of their choice - be it a beach in Goa, a cafe in Paris or your bedroom in San Francisco.

If you are passionate about sustainable travel and would like to help us create this responsible, inclusive and free travel guide we want to hear from you.

Your tasks:

  • Monitor, track, and report on paid search metrics, including trend analysis

  • Ideally skills in doing database queries to get some knowledge directly from our database

  • Provide support for search engine optimization recommendations

  • Interact with copywriter and web service manager to optimize copy and landing pages for Search Engine Marketing

  • Assistance in keyword discovery and expansion

  • Analyze top keywords raking by category

  • Research and analyze competitor links

  • Assistance in our back link strategy and implementation

  • Internal link optimization

  • SEO technical analysis and evaluation

  • Website remediation, key phrase research, META optimization

Our requirements:

  • You have 2+ year of experience in online marketing and a high web (1.0 & 2.0) affinity

  • You have relevant experience with web analytics, SEO/SEM

  • You have experience with statistics and data mining/modeling

  • Ideally you have a university degree in marketing or communication studies

  • You are totally dedicated to your job and work 100% self motivated

  • Strong grasp of the English language

  • Ideally you have experience in working remote

  • You have strong cross-cultural skills and share our environmental, social and cultural friendly mindset

Location: remote work at your preferred location

Working times: 5 h/week

Payment: 10 to 15 USD, depending on your qualifications, and in rare cases of over qualification and your need to earn money we might consider a higher payment ( cannot normally pay typical market rates)

Time horizon: minimum 12 months, preferable long-term

At, we employ a positive mindset about everything we do. We find that there in no place for negativity in the workplace, especially one as unique as ours with such an important goal. As a result, we look for certain characteristics in potential members of the team:

  • You have a positive vibe: you live your life in a positive way and you want to inspire people positively. You are a positive thinker and you like to handle all situations in life with a positive perspective. You understand that in order to improve your own and everybody else's life on this planet one must think positively and inspire other people to think positively.

  • You communicate proactively and openly: you understand that positive communication is the key to solving problems within this company, and is one of our most important principles. You also know that positive communication is key to raising awareness both inside and outside the company, so that everybody is pulling in the same direction. We communicate efficiently, positively and proactively within our team and we communicate the same way via our website with everybody.

  • You take responsibility: you know with absolute certainty that you can fulfill the purpose of your job. You have the knowledge and the ability to make succeed in the areas in which you have chosen to work for us.

  • You achieve your very best output: you shape your work environment and your interaction with the company such that you work solely on tasks that are a perfect match for your expertise and because of that you are able to give us your very best results.

Interested? Contact us at:

Email: work (at)

See all open positions here:

Do you want to support but don't recognize yourself in this job description or cannot fulfill the commitment at this point? Please have a look here at our list for small projects you can pick at any time.

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