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Save The Validators

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Erika Meyer

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Any front-end web developer knows how much the World Wide Web Consortium validators have done not just for our markup skills, but for the web itself. Due to the cost of operations these heavily-used and much-appreciated tools are now in jeopardy. Web standards advocate and W3C group member Molly Holzschlag writes:
That we’ve had the use of validation tools via the W3C for so long and without cost has been a significant component in the teaching and evangelism surrounding Web standards and best practices. To lose these tools would impact that message, not to mention take a certain amount of quality assurance away from the process. ( W3C Validators in Jeopardy)

I know that if I made a back payment of $1 for every time the validators have "saved my day" over the past 10+ years, it would come to at least a thousand dollars.

In order to keep these tools running, W3C has set up a validator donation page.

Erika Meyer lives in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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