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No More Netobjects Fusion For Mac

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After going without updates for 16 months, Mac users of NetObjects Fusion have been informed that NetObjects will no longer be producing the product for Macs - development of the once Mac-only application has been abandoned.

On Tuesday, the company finally broke its silence - confirming the fears of existing users who had expected such action. "After much research and consideration, we have decided to no longer develop new versions of NetObjects Fusion for Macintosh", they said, but gave no specific reasons. Until December 31, 2000, version 3.0 users will have continued support via newsgroups and existing tech-support resources.

In a page titled "Notice to current NetObjects Fusion 3.0 Macintosh customers", NetObjects have offered a free migration to NetObjects Fusion for Windows 4.0.

Development of NetObjects Fusion for Windows will continue.

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