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We Can Change The World

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Javier Velasco

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User since: 14 Dec 1998

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It's been a year since we started this evolt thing. But, what does this mean?

I firmly believe that this community is a sample of the real power of the Internet, we have lots of amazing functions and codes that can do wonders, but that's not what this article is about.

What most impresses me about this experience is the way we have been able to meet, organize, dream together, and make those dreams come true, without ever meeting face to face.

There was never before a medium with all this power to communicate people. And I don't think this is a trivial thing - just think about it - the way we started.
In case you didn't know - we all met at a mailing list that belonged to a magazine, and as soon as they became "corporate" and started changing the rules, we didn't like those new rules and said "hey, why don't we start our own list?", it all started.

Now we have hundreds of subscribed users and have slowly started to appear on other sites, and printed magazines.

Are you following me? The Internet is offering us the possibility to build the world all over again from the bottom up, we can build new structures for societies, culture, economy, whatever.

Most of you have already become used to buy all kind of stuff over the 'net, and have seen incredibly fast mutations in all the commercial fields it has taken over, had you thought about it?

I'm sure this 'net is definitely going to change the world in all its forms, and I believe that this change will be very positive. evolt is an example of it, the relationship among people will tend to move towards cooperation, even business relations are moving in that direction. It is the time to let go to that senseless struggle for competition, it's already done enough damage to most of the people in the world.

The human being evolved from the monkey because it chose to live together and cooperate to achieve their goals, our current economy has alienated us from this primal sense and turned us blind of selfishness.

It is very strange the way that this high-tech medium is giving us the possibility to recover our natural sense of cooperation, but it is undeniably true, just ask any of the companies who have been benefited of cooperative work and strategic blending.

We are in front of a great opportunity, I'm calling upon you to not throw it away.

mantruc is an oldtime evolter from Chile.

his thing is communication, what he most likes about the internet is how it allows people to communicate at many levels, and he thinks that is the best proof of that.

he has worked in web development since 1997 as designer, developer and information architect.

his expression is photogtaphy.

Javier is currently working as an associate researcher for the Center for Web Research, part of the Department of Computer Science at Universidad de Chile.

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