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Web Design Lead Senior Web Designer Web Developer London Uk

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Ian Anderson

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The First Post ( is the UK's sharpest online magazine. We're looking for an exceptional web designer/developer to join our small in-house web development team as our web design lead. This is a senior role and requires someone with excellent all-round skills.


  • Build semantic, accessible, great-looking pages in HTML and CSS using web standards techniques
  • Use Photoshop and Fireworks to create compelling visuals
  • Write Ajax functionality in PHP and JavaScript
  • Produce wireframes and design information architecture
  • Create Flash applications that integrate with CMS content
  • Manage projects from concept through to delivery
  • Write useful, readable functional specifications
  • Make good design decisions and sell them to others
  • Work closely with editors, subeditors and designers to establish requirements

If you can demonstrate your competence in most or all of the areas above, and you're looking for a challenge and rewards worthy of your considerable skills, we want to hear from you. This is not a hard-core programming role, though decent scripting skills are required.

The primary focus of the role is building new functionality for the site and for our in-house publishing systems.

Required skills

  • Excellent CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • DOM scripting/Unobtrusive JavaScript
  • Familiarity with XML, PHP, basic Linux commands
  • Familiarity with Subversion, CVS or similar revision control system
  • Good Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop and Office skills
  • Comfortable with both Mac and Windows
  • Good Flash including ActionScript
  • Familiarity with Apache web server
  • Knowledge of real-world web accessibility techniques
  • Visual design skills

Candidates are expected to have several years commercial experience or equivalent, and need excellent written and verbal communication skills.

This permanent position is based in our modern offices overlooking Kensington High Street, and we offer an attractive package including 25 days holiday, health and dental cover, contributory pension and life insurance.

Send your CV in Word or PDF format with a covering letter to Ian Anderson at - include any relevant URLs and an explanation of why you think you're the right person for the job.

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