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Passionate And Experienced Web2 0 Programmer Company

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Jessy Jolly

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User since: 12 Mar 2007

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Hitiki means community in North Marquesan, a Polynesian language. Our aim is to create a web 2.0 online multilingual travel guide, which is based on Wiki principles and integrates user experiences, tips and knowledge. As an open travel project the venture has only a partly commercial background.

Hitiki is looking for a passionate web 2.0 programmer/company to develop and implement our technical requirements. You will be working from any location you choose.

Besides of a dedicated and independent workflow we expect:

  • Very good experience in the LAMP Environment;

  • Experience with CMS;

  • Experience with a development framework (Cake PHP or Ruby on Rails);

  • Structured programming, ideally with university degree in computer science;

  • Web 2.0 experience (e.g. API, Ajax) ;

  • Good English language skills.

At Hitiki you will get the possibility to

  • play the central role in the technical development of Hitiki;

  • work independently with an international team;

  • and work from wherever you like.

Interested? Contact us at:

Jessy Jolly, E-mail:

Branch: Internet, online travel guide


Location: remote work at your preferred location

Time horizon: minimum 12 months, preferable long-term

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