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We Are Looking For Qualified And Creative Writers

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Nicole Ornelas

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User since: 11 Apr 2007

Articles written: 1

We are looking for new experienced, deadline-oriented and highly responsible freelance writers who can write researches and theses on a variety of subjects.

The main qualifications required to apply for this job are as follows:

  • High quality writing, up to “A” standard of a relevant academic level

  • Strong ability to meet deadlines

  • Promptness in responding to urgent matters

  • Knowledge of the major citation styles (MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago)

  • Ability to effectively defend your writing if questioned by the client or support

  • Excellent written English skills (ESL writers are subject to proofreading penalties)

  • At least Master or Ph.d degree (we will request copy of the diploma to be sent by fax or email)

Benefits of working in academic assistance industry:

  • Remote work through the Internet

  • Flexible working schedule

  • You take only as many orders as you would like to complete

  • Your payment is based on your performance

  • If you already have academic writing experience, you will find a responsive and a reliable partner.

Benefits of working for

  • At least 20 new orders per day to choose from

  • Moderate writers' competition

  • All writers' profiles are kept 100% private and confidential

  • Prices start from $7/per 275 words (15% more then industry average)

  • Writers are not responsible for customer fraud

  • Flexible system of Bonuses and privileges for most productive writers

  • Timely payments twice a month

  • Responsive support

To accept this job offer:

  • Register at
  • Upload CV and Sample Work in your registration form

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will be very glad to answer all your questions.

Our email:

Best regards,

Nicole is a team of the freelance academic experts from all over the world. We are working on the college, degree and post degree assignments in different fields of study. The work can be done remotely and has to be in English only. Taking orders with is very easy! The orders are delivered to your member page and are updated in a real time. Each member of chooses the assignments that he or she will work on and after successfully completing them, receives the payment on the pre-determined days. During the whole process you will freely communicate both with administrators and customers, your active communication is much appreciated.

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