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Looking For Freelance Web Ui Designer

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Bojan Furlani

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Looking for Web UI Designer to create a cutting edge web design and corporate branding. The successful candidate for this position is an individual who is extremely detail and task oriented and can create and apply cutting edge design look, color scheme, branding, task flow, interaction and navigation. The individual must be able to work well in a team of talented people, has good communication skills and must understand the intricacies of building complex, professional websites. Candidate must have strong sense of style, be fluent with directory structures and Internet tools, and must be excellent in image production skills. We are looking for someone who is as efficient as creative.

Prerequisite Experience:

Must be Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and GoLive or Dreamweaver proficient, some 3d applications experience, fluent in HTML, CSS. Knowledge of JavaScript / AJAX. Web2.0/Social Networking site experience a major plus.

You must be available for some onsite work in New York City. Please do not apply if you are looking for telecommuting job only or if you are a design studio.

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