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Asp Developer Long Island Ny

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Eric Clarkson

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User since: 01 Jan 2007

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The candidate will be working on a web portal/community focused on multimedia. The site will require user accounts, multimedia distribution, and purchasing/ecommerce capabilities. The developer will be working closely with an Art Director who will incorporate visual design.

Experience Required:

  • ASP/.Net
  • SQL/Database
  • eCommerce

Job Location:

Long Island, NY (Ronkonkoma)

A developer who is either located in Long Island or is willing to commute is preferred, as it will be necessary to spend time on site during development. A full working setup will be provided on site.


Duration of the project is expected to be 3-4 months, with the possibility of continued work once the portal is up and running. Compensation is negotable based on experience.

Company Name:

Tunaverse Media

2110 Smithtown Ave, Suite 8

Ronkonkoma, NY USA 11779

1.631.778.8350 Phone

1.631.778.8349 Fax


Ross Pirtle


Please send resumes to, with "ASP Developer" in the subject line.

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