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Web Programmer Amherst Ny

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John Kavanagh

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Quinlan & Company a leading advertising and marketing firm seeks a lead web programmer and web server administrator for maintaining and enhancing dozens of client web sites as well as developing new web sites and services. Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Flash, ColdFusion, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Linux/Apache servers. Experience with Zope and Python is a plus. Will work with creative team of writers and art directors in fast-paced yet comfortable work environment. Additional responsibilities include in-house support for Microsoft Windows PCs and Mac computers. Seeking individuals with a record of innovation and rapid adaptation to technically challenging tasks. Telecommuting is unavailable. E-mail John Kavanagh with your cover letter/message and resume.

Account Executive at Quinlan & Company Advertising and Marketing Communications. Specializing in web services, e-commerce and rich internet applications.

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