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Php Actionscript Developer London Design Agency

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Brian Bower

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Deep LLP is an award-winning, London-based web and graphic design agency specialising in stylish upscale design for top industry and media companies. We are currently looking for a talented Junior PHP/Actionscript Developer. This is great opportunity to become part of a small but rapidly growing web department where adaptibility and ingenuity are highly valued. The details are as follows:

Portfolio should demonstrate experience working with:

(X)HTML, CSS2, DHTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Flash Actionscript (Bonus: DOMXML, Yahoo UI or Scriptaculous, Linux/Apache knowledge)

HTML/CSS skills must include sites complying to:

  • XHTML validity

  • WIA / Accessibility guidelines / table-less design

  • Cross-browser / cross-platform conformity (IE5.5+, Firefox for Mac/PC and Safari Mac primarily)

Flash skills must be sufficient to:

  • Maintain existing actionscript-based flash sites

  • Build flash applications under guidance of a senior team member

Must have experience:

  • Debugging other people's code

  • Working in a structured environment utilising pre-existing code libraries

  • Working with object-oriented code

Personal skills must include:

  • Keen interest in developing one’s own ability and learning new techniques

  • Ability to work independently AND as part of a team

  • A touch of creativity

If this sounds like you then contact Brian at Deep at 020 7751 0825 or brian{at}deep{dot}co{dot}uk.

Senior Developer Deep LLP

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