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Noida Up India Web Developer

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Shyam Somanadh

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User since: 05 Dec 2001

Articles written: 1

Profile: Experienced web developers with pretty solid knowledge of coding in PHP (on Linux) and databases (Postgresql/MySql). Coding to standards, familiarity with Object Oriented coding, Unit Testing, Javascript/DOM, XML and syndication formats (RSS, Atom, NewsML) would be a huge plus.

Experience: Minimum 1 year. Talented freshers with excellent skill sets can also apply, if you know your stuff, age/experience should not be a stumbling block.

Compensation: Negotiable/dependent on experience/skill.

The company, Global Broadcast News, is primarily a television news channel with a substantial online presence (

Location is in Noida, India. The position is a full time opening, candidates looking for part-time opportunities/freelance work need not apply.

Resumes should be sent to Links to fully functional/working sample projects is required.

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