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L A Based Web Developer Full Time Or Contract Position

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User since: 10 Jan 2006

Articles written: 1


The Job:

• 80-90% coding and programming

• standards compliant xhtml that validates

• tableless css layouts

• browser specific style sheet distribution

• php / mysql for database interaction and dynamic content generation

• javascript for funky stuff

• flash for animation and interactive stuff

• ecommerce & security

• responsible for development and maintenance of sites

• flexible hours

• salaried position

The Developer has:

• some graphic design ability

• demonstrable ability to design and build dynamic and interactive websites from start to finish

• desire to make the best websites ever for world class clients

• ability to bite off more than is possible to chew

• decent spelling and grammar

• attention for detail

• eclectic musical tastes

• a few nice shirts

If interested, send:

1) Samples of your work including links to sites

2) Your salary requirements

to: jobs at labbrain dott com

Graphic designer!!!

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