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Junior Java Swing Developer Nyc

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Arthur Kaye

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User since: 19 Jul 2002

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Market research company located in NYC is seeking a

Java Developer

with proficiencies in the following technologies:


Job Description:

Participate in the design and architecture of sophisticated products for

collecting and analyzing research data.

The development group is small, and developers are given opportunities to work on web and stand alone applications.

The client will train in other technologies they are using (Hibernate, Spring, etc.)


  • 2-4 years Java development experience
  • Solid knowledge of Object Oriented Programming
  • GUI development for applications
  • Some experience with SWING a big plus

They will test selected applicants on above requirements.


  • Experience developing applications for Resin/Apache/Linux platform
  • Familiarity with common developer tools (Ant, version control system, etc)

Salary to 70K, depending on experience.

Must be eligible to work for any employer in the US.

contact Arthur Kaye

I am a technical/executive recruiter, specializing in information technology professionals. I can be reached by email at kaye@cisny. com and by phone at 212-293-4353. I enjoy my work because it keeps me in contact with the technology, and some very interesting people.

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