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Madison Wi Java Asp Net Programmer

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troy janisch

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Icon Interactive, located in Madison, WI, is seeking a developer with Java and ASP.NET/c# skills. A general knowledge of PHP and object-oriented programming is required. We're looking for someone with a few years of experience who is interested in taking an active role in a growing company.

Icon Interactive is an industry leader helping companies imagine, implement and reinvent their online strategy. An Internet presence may be a variation on an offline brand, an expansion of it, or a stage for delivering products and services through an exclusively new business model. In addition to corporate clients, Icon provides consulting and outsourcing services for advertising agencies, marketing firms, and ISP's. Our partnerships evolve around solutions and dependability.

Having worked with clients of all sizes, from San Francisco to Madison, Icon Interactive has the expertise to bring the precise blend of strategy, design, brand knowledge, and technology to every project. The group specialize in offering a complete range of Internet services, including: interface and navigation design; online strategy; user experience development; brand integration; content management; online marketing; usability analysis; online identity development and back-end system integration.

For more information, contact us.

Troy Janisch is president and founder of Icon Interactive™, an industry leader helping companies integrate Internet and other Interactive media into sales channels, marketing strategies, and overall branding. He can be contacted by email at

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