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Mumbai Php Software Design Engineer

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We have an opening within our Software Engineering Department for people with good php skills, in or around Mumbai, India.

Key requirements for the post are -

  • Strong PHP Fundamentals
  • 1+ years coding experience in PHP/MySQL
  • Basic RDBMS concepts
  • Strong HTTP fundamentals
  • Basic Networking concepts
  • Knowledge of Session handling, cookies etc
  • Working knowledge of XML Structures

WebHosting.Info currently monitors and provides reports on 45,000 hosting companies, 1.7 million DNS servers, over 43 million domain names and approximately 2 billion IP Address, on an almost daily basis.

The job involves working on -

  • Domain WHOIS Service
  • Automated Bot detection techniques
  • Online Community Forums
  • Search Engine/Directory Software
  • High-performance Charting Libraries
  • Statistics Generation & Processing
  • Content Management tools
  • Contextual targeting & analysis mechanisms
  • Online Ad Management Software
  • News Management System

A kickass work environment and a salary to match, the company mission statement should give you a better idea of what to expect :)

You can apply online or email your resume to

I'm an open minded hypocrite and a UI developer who believes in the Meritocratic Netstates Constitution - those who can do, rule. Those who wish to rule, learn. Everyone else watches from the stands.

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