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Nyc Developer Lead Intranet Employee

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Arthur Kaye

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Client is a global asset management group. This position is located at their US Headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

Developer Lead - Intranet.

Salary up to $110K US, depending on experience

As a development lead for the Intranet group, the candidate must be able to architect, design and build enterprise level applications, as well as be comfortable managing a team of five dedicated application developers of varying skill levels. The candidate will be responsible for managing all phases of the development process including requirements gathering, development, QA and deployment for corporate wide web technology based applications and large internal web sites. Strong development and project management skills are a requirement.

This position requires:

  • a minimum six years consultancy experience developing distributed, web-based systems. Three years of this as application manager or tech lead.
  • Experience with web-based .NET Framework applications.
  • Solid understanding of Object Oriented Analysis and design, UML/Design Patterns/Rational Unified Process.
  • Expert understanding of MS application design and development technologies in C#, ASP.NET frameworks, SQL Server as well as XML, XSLT, JavaScript and DHTML.
  • Strong relational database design and development skills.
  • Full life cycle development/Tech Lead experience.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written).

They would prefer experience in the Financial or Banking industry, Engineering and Deployment experience in an IIS environment, Solid MS Visio/Project skills as well as familiarity with CAST and/or Rational XDE.

Candidates must be eligible to work for any company in the United States. They will consider out-of-town candidates but will not reimburse interviewing or relocation expenses.

Contact Arthur Kaye at or by phone at 212-293-4353.
I am a technical/executive recruiter, specializing in information technology professionals. I can be reached by email at kaye@cisny. com and by phone at 212-293-4353. I enjoy my work because it keeps me in contact with the technology, and some very interesting people.

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