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Nl Junior Webontwikkelaars Gezocht

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Peter-Paul Koch

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User since: 12 Sep 1999

Articles written: 8

Voor enkele van mijn klanten in Amsterdam ben ik op zoek naar goede

junior webontwikkelaars met gedegen CSS-kennis, zowel voor

freelance-opdrachten als voor vaste posities.


  • Uitstekende cross-browser CSS-kennis (vereiste)
  • HBO/WO opleiding (afgerond of nog gaande)
  • Plaats: Amsterdam
  • Ervaring met bedrijfsmatig werken, grafisch ontwerp, JavaScript, JSP

    of interactieontwerp strekt tot aanbeveling
  • Geen WYSIWYG editors

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Peter-Paul Koch is a freelance browser expert and JavaScript guru living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has been an Internet professional only since 1998, so he's definitely second generation.

His personal site is It includes the W3C DOM Compatibility Tables, currently the best resource on the Internet for this subject. Because of this research, he has been asked to co-edited chapters 17 to 19 of Flanagan's "JavaScript, the Definitive Guide", O'Reilly, 4th edition.

He is an administrator of the WDF-DOM mailing list, that counts most international JavaScript gurus among its members.

He has written the "Keep it Simple" column on Digital Web Magazine, as well as articles on A List Apart, Apple Developer Connection, and O'Reilly's Web Dev Center, in addition to Evolt.

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