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Toevolt 2004

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Tara Cleveland

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Come to TOevolt 2004 - this year's super-duper, world-wide, gigantic, open to everyone, international gathering.

We've got great speakers (Joe Clark, Jesse Hirsh, Dan Cederholm and Adrian Roselli) talking about everything from web accessibility and standards to the use of technology in politics.

You can meet friends, find out what people look like in real life, have long discussions into the night about top posting, how IE sucks (or not), using semantically correct XHTML or whatever floats your boat.

Lots of interesting people from around the world are coming, there's not too much time left, so get over to the site and register!


September 17-19, 2004


Tara is an independent web site designer/developer working mostly with small businesses and occasionally as an independent contractor for larger companies. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and many plants. Tara is currently taking on the (insane) project of gutting and renovating her new house. She and her husband ar taking on most of the work themselves. When she's not at work frantically coding or designing, you can often find her wearing safety goggles, a respirator, and a fully loaded tool belt with a circular saw in hand and sawdust at her feet.

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