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Php Job In India

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Nainil Chheda

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User since: 23 Mar 2004

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Hosting in India) is currently conducting interviews for the position of PHP programmer.

You will need:

  • High standard in program design and development
  • Detailed knowledge of PHP, HTML and CGI/Perl
  • Detailed knowledge of HTML
  • Knowledge of other Client-side scripting languages is an advantage
  • Competence in a Unix type OS

Main Duties:

Programming and design of web-based applications for a range of products.

For further information please contact via Email ONLY,

Nainil Chheda

Web Development Manager


Mobile: +267-295-5470

Phone: +215-204-2029


Web: Web Solutions India

SEO India

Nainil Chheda's professional and personal accomplishments center on the creation and intelligent deployment of information technology, around the world, both in business and non-profit environments. Nainil is responsible for developing business relationships with major consumers and for creating strategic relationships with partners that can extend the uses of the eLiteral's (Digital Certificates) services into new and innovative service arenas. Nainil directs the business development strategy, with specific focus on the enterprise and market opportunities.

Before starting eLiteral (Web Hosting India), Nainil worked as Sr. Systems Administrator in Direct Information Pvt. Ltd where he managed all worldwide marketing functions, tech support, customer service and Internet marketing. Direct Information Pvt Ltd d/b/a Directi, is South Asia's #1 Web Hosting Company and the only functional ICANN accredited registrar in India. During his career, Nainil has always held leadership role for Systems Development & Management.

Eliteral does the following:
Web Hosting Pennsylvania
Web Hosting Mumbai
Digital Certificates
Domain Registration India
Payment Gateway India

Web Solution India
SEO India



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