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Netscape Devedge Redesign

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Stephen Taylor

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The Netscape DevEdge website has been redesigned and unveiled with valid code. The new design boasts XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS, along with many goodies. The site was released as of February 11, 2003. The DevEdge team is quite proud of their new work and well deserved. Much work obviously went into this project.

They did a nice job of implementing some other features as well. The navigational menu, structured with lists, uses JavaScript and CSS for power. It, of course, works in multiple browsers and remains available to those who are out of date. There is also user-selctable style sheets and font-size that are available with a quick switch in the right hand navigation panel. This, obviously, allows users to adapt the site to their liking.

The designers also took advantage of using stylesheets to control 'printer-friendly' pages. You may also want to read Eric Meyer's article on how the CSS redesign was done.

DevEdge claims this list for their browser compatibility:

  • Visual layout browser compatibility:
    • Netscape 6+ (any platform)
    • Mozilla 0.8+ (any platform)
    • Internet Explorer 5.5+ (Windows)
    • Internet Explorer 5.0+ (Macintosh)
    • Opera 6+ (Windows)

  • Javascript-driven dropdown menus browser compatibility:
    • Netscape 7+ (any platform)
    • Mozilla 1.0+ (any platform)
    • Internet Explorer 5.5+ (Windows)
    • Opera 7+ (Windows)

Eric Meyer and Susie Wyshak took some time to outline for us their reasoning and an in-depth look at the new design. They help support the perks of using such valid, structured code. All in all, I think the DevEdge team has done a great job in moving foward. Their site shows how it's done.

Stephen Taylor has studied at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago. He also studied for a year at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He is an intermediate developer who stays on top of emerging technology.

He is interested in web development and learning new things everyday. You'll find him working hard at Visual Echo Designs. Recent work includes American Home Mortgage and The Kuhn Agency. Find out a little more about this complex and exciting young man at his website.

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