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Community News Sep Oct 2002

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Dean Mah

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User since: 05 Jun 1999

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Another couple of months gone, another stack of accomplishments by the community. As a reminder, this is open to anyone in the

community, so if you missed a chance to href="">toot your horn, add a

comment, and watch for the announcement for next month's news.

A new supporter has stepped forward to help support

To assist us in defraying our operating costs, NetWorth Enterprises,

Inc. is offering an affiliate hosting program to members.

For every member who chooses to host one or more web sites with

NetWorth's hosting service, will receive 10% of the monthly

hosting fee.

If you're looking for a hosting company, please consider NetWorth's

hosting service. NetWorth will be changing the name and enhancing

services, but in the

meantime, the temporary domain ( will

help right now.

If you want to know more about the connection between NetWorth and, please read this explanation.


All over the web, people are looking to see what evolters have to

say, and sometimes they point their users back to the source. Here are

some of the pointers, all noticed this month:

Thanks to the many people who have taken the time to cite

in their own work

Help support

We're now again able to accept monetary gifts through:

Our address for monetary gifts or giving inquiries is href=""> We will

soon have a snail mail address (for checks, money orders, etc.).

We're looking for other on-line, commercial (in other words,

not personal bank account), low-cost money

transferring capabilities so that non-US residents may more easily

help support Please write

if you know of any good commercial services in your


Here's more information on href="/help_support_evolt/index.html">how to help support Thanks for your interest!

Our members

aardvark, mrnick, and isaac

Contributed a large amount of material to the new book Professional Web Graphics for Non Designers.

Bill Mason

My evolt article ("A revised method of defining link pseudo-classes") was cited in the TopStyle Blog.

I also participated in the Accessibility Internet Rally on September 21st, as one of a team of developers building (from scratch in 9 hours) an accessible web site for a local nonprofit group. Our team won third place!

Burhan Khalid

I recently attended the Region 3 AITP Conference in San Antonio. This is a conference where student chapters (like mine) -- go and compete against other universities. Last year, I won second place is website design (thanks to thelist for making me wanting to learn more about web "design" as opposed to web "coding"). This year, I got honorable mention in C++. The contest was held on the 1st (of November).

David Shadovitz

The ColdFusion Developers Journal published an article I wrote

( which is based

on code on my evolt-hosted site,

At the tail end of the article I thank evolt for hosting the


Lachlan Cannon

Lachlan recently had his Inline XML article published on A List Apart.


One of the original founders and main designers of, isaac has launched a couple new Web sites: and


The Monthly Recap is a summary of awards, meetings, and

fresh opportunities relevant to all of us. Submitted items from month

to month may be of varying relevance to others depending on the number

of opportunities. The important thing, though, is that you can share

more about yourself, and learn more about the people that make up href="/article/roundup/27/18210/index.html" title="The

Monthly Recap">the Monthly Recap introductory


If you're proud of it, send it

in. Don't be shy.

Please send all submissions via the href="/contact/index.html">contact form. Any queries or

clarifications can be sent via the same method.

Founding member of
Dean Mah

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