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Evolt Org Three And A Bit Years On

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I was just updating my w.e.o. account, when I suddenly noticed I'd registered on the site literally just over three years ago, not long after came about. Three years is a long time for any online community to still be in existence, and I thought it'd be interesting to reflect on what's gone by, and to ponder on what's to come.

About A Site

The initial coming about and history of is well documented, but I suppose I'm more interested in the way a lot of people felt — about the changes at Webmonkey, about the construction of a new community, and about the development of — what I consider to be — an exciting portal for like-minded web developers.


Looking back at's ... evolution (sorry, I had to say it), it's incredible to think this has all arisen from some people disgruntled at the way Wired Digital were attempting to treat their mailing list subscribers. Hard work, perserverance, and sheer bloody-mindedness has paid off in, and I for one am glad to be a part of it.

I look at thelist, and I look at Monkeyjunkies, and the difference is marked. The tailoff in postings to Monkeyjunkies is plainly obvious, and it seems that there is a fraction of the originality and spark as compared to thelist. Perhaps when the original evolters flew away from Monkeyjunkies, they took the best of the list with them.

And to the future? Well, I know there are expansions afoot to, which I think will enhance the "community" aspect even further, but perhaps newer or expanding technology will aspire us to further breakthroughs. I don't just mean gimmicks like on a PDA or a WebTV (sorry, MSN® TV), I mean more effective use of IRC or VoIP, greater use of — and perhaps even contributions towards — new Web standards, and even just simpler ways to organise evoltathons :)

Your Turn

So what do you think? This is where the comment box below comes in handy, and is the prime reason behind my posting this article.

What have been the highlights (and maybe lowlights) of the past three years on Is there any one event or article or comment that stuck in your mind, or perhaps something you or someone else built as part of the site that you feel has benefited the site and the community greatly? Was there a point when you thought building as it is now wasn't achievable?

And looking forward, where do you see moving? Will it expand or contract? What technologies are on the horizon that we could embrace? Think outside the box - let your creative juices loose!

At the end of the day, is a community of people - it is what is made of it. As I said, three years is a hell of a long time for an online community to stay around. I wonder how much longer we can keep it going? <picard> Let's see what's out there. </picard>

Member #30 of, neuro has been designing, building and maintaining web sites and servers since 1995. neuro is also actively involved with, currently doing evil things to, aka beo.

Home is a three bedroom mid-terrace just outside Glasgow, although one of the "bedrooms" is now the Technology Containment Zone ™ — which is not related to Telehouse :)

In his spare time, neuro enjoys driving, bowling, eating, movies, destroying the evil minions of the underworld, drinking, breathing, photoshopping, buying obscure technical and/or Japanese magazines, and eliminating world poverty in his house.

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