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Becoming A Master Of The Internet

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Alan Herrell

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If you want to be able to continue to have the freedom to post here and elsewhere, build websites, and have a voice in the future of the Internet, Listen Up!

ICANN is the organization responsible for managment of the Top Level Domain Name System for the Internet. They are embarking on a election for At-Large Members to be selected and elected from the Internet community at large.

That is Us, if you are 16 years old and have a valid email address

This election is taking place because of groups like us that believe in the internet. The current Board of Directors reads like a Who's Who of special interests and multinational corporate interests.

I am running for the North American Seat. You can find out more about me, and my positions here

In order to vote for me, (first choice) :) or any other candidate You Must become an at large Member. You only have till July 31, 2000 to do this. Register Here

The position doesn't pay any money, will probably make me as unpopular as a lot of folks whose opinions you personally don't agree with, but I can guarantee you that I will be an Independent Voice for the development community.

Here is some background information on this election.

ICANN has already established a nominating committee that will put one or more candidates from each of the five regions on the ballot. At Sunday's meeting, the board decided that people wanting to run who are not chosen by the nominating committee will have to submit backing from at least 2 percent of the voters in their region in order to qualify for the ballot. Candidates also will need backing from voters in at least two countries.

As many as seven candidates will be allowed to run from each region, with slots going to those whose nominating petitions contain the most backers. In the unlikely case of a tie for the last ballot slot in a region, all candidates with the same level of support will be placed on the ballot.

ICANN is the group that opened up the Registrar Process to give You Choice in where you register your Domains.

ICANN is also for the Domain Dispute Resolution Process, to enable you to defend your domain without becoming bankrupt.

Whether you vote for me, or someone else, Vote! Because if you do not, you will probably not like the outcome.

Alan Herrell - the head lemur

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