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An Internet Timeline

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Josh Feingold

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In developing an understanding of where we are now, it is often helpful to see where we have come from. In order to accomplish this, I have compiled information a timeline that helps us appreciate our basic browser environment. This timeline covers the development of HTML, CSS, the DOM, Javascript, and browsers.

Date Event
1991 Tim Berners-Lee drafts a somewhat informal reference on the HTML elements
June 1993 Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Internet Draft
September 1994 HTML Level One Released
November 1994 HTML Level Two Released (forms added)
~November 1994 HTML 2.0 Internet Draft
March 1995 HTML 3.0 Internet Draft
November 1995 HTML 2.0 Specification Published
December 1995 Netscape Navigator 2 (2.03B3) Released (Javascript 1.0)
April 1996 Netscape Navigator 3 (3.0B1) Released (Javascript 1.1)
May 1996 Internet Explorer 3 (3.0B1) Released (Jscript 1.0)
December 1996 CSS1 Recommendation Announced
December 1996 Netscape Navigator 4.0 (4.0B1) Released (Javascript 1.2)
January 1997 HTML 3.2 Specification Published (script/style/div/table added)
April 1997 Internet Explorer 4.0 (4.0B1) Released (Jscript 3.0)
October 1997 First DOM Working Draft Released
December 1997 HTML 4.0 Internet Draft
April 1998 HTML 4.0 Specification Published (frame added)
May 1998 CSS2 Recommendation Announced
June 1998 Netscape Navigator 4.06/4.5 Released (Javascript 1.3)
June 1998 Internet Explorer 5.0 (5.0B1) Released (Jscript 5.0)
October 1998 DOM Recommendation Released
December 1999 HTML 4.01 Specification Published
April 2000 Netscape Navigator 6.0 (6.0B1) Released (Javascript 1.5)

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