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Yahoo Wants You To Have More Spam

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Amanda Erickson

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No sooner do I sing the praises of owning a Yahoo! account and I'm forced to recant.

According to this MSNBC article, Yahoo! changed its privacy policy this week which also created a new marketing preferences page which contains a laundry list of categories, all defaulted to "Yes, please deluge my inbox with offers for crap that I don't want or need."

There's also a special option for "Please harass me by phone" and "Please kill more trees and deliver things to my mailbox at home."

To "opt out," login to your Yahoo! account and go to options > account information. Look for the link "edit your marketing preferences" in your member information. You can also try to jump directly to your preferences page at

I think it may be time to forcibly remove Yahoo!'s exclamation point privileges.

Amanda Erickson has been building web sites since '95. She has worked for several agencies, most recently as an Art Director at a now-defunct, behemoth.

Over the past year, she has revived her freelance business doing front-end graphic design, logo design, flash animation and print work. Someday she hopes to build things with her hands -- very cool things.

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