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Alan Herrell

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User since: 30 Aug 1999

Articles written: 13

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is

calling for Nominations to fill five At Large Board Seats.

I am campaigning to be the North American Board Member.

Currently there are fewer than 17,000 members worldwide,

the United states having 8800 =/-.

Membership requires an email address and a belief in the internet.

My plan is to self nominate. To Vote for me, you must join.

More details and the headlemur's secret campaign site is


My site contains bio and other information about me.

It also contains a few Position Papers I am taking on certain Issues.

Support, commentary, flames. I have broad shoulders, am a bit crazy

and will serve if elected.

Below are links to ICANN and information on how to get involved.

Remember, It's everyone's web.

Nomination by the Nominating Committee will thus be one

of two avenues for candidates to appear on the final ballot.

For more on the Nominating Committee, its members, and the At

Large election process, see

the Committee's

. To review the ICANN staff's proposed rules for the

self-nomination phase,


. To become an At Large Member,

click here.

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