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Community News March 2002

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Elfur Logadòttir

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Travelling down under

joxn, our evolter from Germany, has been more than 17,000 km away from home for the past six months. Working in Sydney as a part of his Information Technology study on projects involving Mozilla and Embedded Linux. Pictures can be found on his personal web page.

More working notes

Also, Marlene just got done

with a two-week contract gig in Houston, TX. The work was for

ChevronTexaco, doing the UI design for a Plumtree portal project, and

cranking out the style guide. She tried to call href="" target="_blank" title="opens in a new window">Bob and

Heather who live relatively nearby, but never got 'em :o(.

Isaac and Nick from Triple Zero Digital have also had a busy month,

launching a couple of redesigns (Media Makeup Academy, NetCraft Australia), and a few smaller sites (Adelaide All Spas, Suit For Hire, Sidetrack Adventures).

Not exactly a beervolt, but...

...href="" target="_blank" title="opens in a new window">Marlene, href="" target="_blank" title="opens in a new window">Amanda and href="" target="_blank" title="opens in a new window">Erika met in

Portland the weekend of March 15 for some yummy sushi and rousing

conversation. They were joined by Marlene's beau Richard and Amanda's

hubby Tom. The girls met the next afternoon over coffee and laughed

so hard tears were shed. Pictures on href="" target="_blank" title="opens in a new window">Marlene's site.

This missed last month's roundup because we didn't have pictures, but at the end of February, href="" target="_blank" title="opens in a new window">Bob was godfather to MartinB's wee boy, Morgan. More pictures? We got em.


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Elfur Logadòttir (elfur) is The Icelandic One. She is a student, a freelance Web developer, a mother, a soccer club manager, a founding member of and's current secretary. Elfur has been attached to the Web since it's early days, when the likes of Netscape 1.0 were The Ultimate Experience and Wired was the place to love.

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