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Monson Announces Design Contest Winners

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Amanda Erickson

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I've been eagerly waiting to see the winners of this contest which allowed just anyone to submit snowboard designs online. They apparently received over one thousand submissions and have just announced the winners. The winning boards look beautiful.

This is a great use of the web medium, to pull together a group of designers (or, really, anyone who wanted to give it a try) through a slick website and end up with a tangible product. I'm playing next year!

Amanda Erickson has been building web sites since '95. She has worked for several agencies, most recently as an Art Director at a now-defunct, behemoth.

Over the past year, she has revived her freelance business doing front-end graphic design, logo design, flash animation and print work. Someday she hopes to build things with her hands -- very cool things.

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