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Zend Ide Reviewed

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bob hoskins

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I recently purchased a product from Zend's website and was given the Zend IDE along with it for free. I figured "What the heck, it's free and all..." So I installed the Zend IDE and began using it....

The pros:

I think it's a nice editor with good coloring and auto-tabbing when using brackets. This simple, easy to use editor will give you an easy way to write php and html.

The cons:

The code completion and syntax are total BS. The completion only works on some accessory items like <?php. Leave it sitting at mysql_ and it will pop up nothing. As for syntax, it is offered but you have to select your code and it will bring up a webpage with the syntax. Not what you'd expect with many IDEs supporting floating tool-tip type syntax.

Secondly the program being written in java acts kind of flaky on my machine. I don't know if this has to do with my client version or what, but it gets annoying. For example, if you click with the mouse it momentarily whites out a block the size of the cursor. Or if you scroll the code it will sometimes get "jaggy" and you will have to wait a sec for it to display right again.

Final Opinion:

I think that if you can get around the lack of help features and the screen weirdness this is a very usable editor; of course, so is edit. Bottom line: don't spend $250 on this product.

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