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Virtual Communities

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Mike Parsons

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I recently started a project based on 'Virtual Communities'

. As I was conducting research and benchmarking,

my challenge stuck me -

"How do I build a virtual community based around a specific

geographic area?"

It is easy to see how communities based on a topical interest are

formed. With a deep interest and passion for a

topic of choice, such as politics or hobbies, people quickly

find a 'common interest' and begin to share.

Geographic based communities are of a different nature.

People are less reliant on local community than previous

generations - most government and important services are available

regardless of your locality.

I don't have the strategy yet, but I am sure that online community

services that improve quality of life are key. I'll share

the results of the project in Feb. 2002. In the meantime. here is

a collection of useful virtual community resources;

Community Features

My Communities

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For more than ten years Mike has been working in media and internet related roles. Currently Mike is the Manager of MRM Partners (IPG:NYSE) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He provides services such as web design, internet marketing and online advertising. In short, creating digital experiences. For companies like Microsoft, General Motors, L'Oreal, Clearasil, Center Parcs, Getronics, Van der Most and others. In 2003 Mike co-authored his first book 'Practical Intranet Development' by Glasshaus Publishing. Specialties: Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Promotions, Web Games, Mobile Games and Tools, Rich Media Advertising, Content Syndication, Banners, Customer sales programs, Customer service programs, Customer marketing programs, Customer loyalty programs. For more information visit

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