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Hurricane Rita

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Hurricane Rita is approaching the Gulf Coast of the United States, and since is hosted in that area, we thought we'd pass on some details from our ISPs.

ServerMatrix and are currently served from a dedicated server housed in ServerMatrix, a trading name of The Planet in Dallas, TX. The Planet's datacentre is "rated to withstand an F5 grade tornado" and Dallas looks like it will escape the brunt of the storm, as can be seen by plans to accept storm refugees in the Reunion Arena.

See ServerMatrix's hurricane readiness statement.


All other sites, including and, and all the mailing lists are served from a Cobalt RaQ hosted by EV1Servers in Houston, TX. Houston is right in the path of the storm, and the company is taking tremendous steps to keep their customers online. They have around 10,000 gallons of diesel and have procured an extra generator in case they lose mains, and they have a secondary facility prepared in Wichita, KN. Their two datacentres are built to withstand a category 4 hurricane, and they plan to keep a skeleton staff onsite. Just in case, they have US$5m in cash to pay for repairs should the need arise.

See EV1Servers' hurricane readiness statement.

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