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Earth Org Web 2 0 Programmer

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Anne Chabot

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User since: 25 Oct 2007

Articles written: 8

Freelance Web 2.0 programmer for (LAMP)

The team is small, open-minded, dedicated and scattered across the world. is a place for professionals who excel in working independently at the work place of your choice.

We at are building a Web 2.0 travel guide in a social and environmental friendly mindset: At least 50% of our net income will go into environmental, sociocultural and economical projects. is looking for a passionate Web 2.0 programmer/company (10 to 40 hours/week), who will play a central role in the technical development of

Our requirements:

  • You should have developed independently several professional web pages in the LAMP environment, ideally you have experience with our development framework CakePHP and at least basic experience with server administration.
  • Ideally you have a degree in computer science.
  • You know and use Web 2.0 applications (e.g. APIs, mashups).
  • Ideally you have experience in working remote.
  • We expect English language skills.
  • You share our environmental, social and cultural friendly mindset.

Interested? Contact us at:


Location: remote work at your preferred location

Time horizon: minimum 12 months, preferable long-term

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