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Asp Breadcrumb Class

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My current employer Etelesolv ( had a client that, as part of their new website, required that required breadcrumb nav. The project was to use ASP .

I had used the BreadCrumbs PHP Class, by Richard Baskitt, for a couple of projects and I wanted to have a class similar to it that would easily implement this type of navigation. The closest thing I could find on the web was Adrian Roselli's "Breadcrumbs for Those Using ASP" article.

So I proceded to use the Breadcrumb PHP Class model and implement some of Adrien's string manipulation methods with a touch of ASP 101 for the PCase method,

to create a reusable piece of code that our developers could use on any of their projects. I now share it with you.... (dramatic reverberation)

Here is the code:


'BreadCrumb Class v1.0

'Created by Jason Irving Copyright 2005 -

'Last Update January 24, 2005

'This class was heavily influenced by Breadcrumbs PHP Class @

'the build method was inspired by breadcrumb.asp Version 1.0 by Adrian Roselli @


'cssClass : string - css stylesheet class for the <a> tag

'to separate the style for the delimiter, use the following css syntax example

' mystyle { color: blue; }

' mystyle a {color: red; }

' the delimiter will be in the first style, the link in the second

'Homepage : string - name of the homepage

'Uscore2Space : boolean string (1, yes, true) - replace underscores with " " space

'wordCase : string (mixed, upper, lower) -

'Delimiter : string - the text delimiter between elements

'showFiles : boolean string (1, yes, true) - append the name of the viewed file to menu

'showFilesNoExt: boolean string (1, yes, true) - append the name of the viewed file to menu without extension, overrides showFiles



'build() - print the menu

'changeName : string tag, string, str - Hashtable of elements and replacement words

class clsBreadCrumb

Private strDelimiter

Private dictReplaceWords

Private strPath

Private strCSSClass

Private strHomePage

Private bolUscore2Space

Private bolShowFiles

Private bolShowFilesNoExt

Private strCaseFormat

Private Sub Class_Initialize()

strCSSClass = ""

strHomePage = "home"

strPath = Request.ServerVariables("PATH_INFO")

bolUscore2Space = "1"

strCaseFormat = "mixed"

bolShowFiles = "1"

bolShowFilesNoExt = "0"

strDelimiter = ">"

set dictReplaceWords = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

End Sub

Private Sub Class_Terminate()

dictReplaceWords = nothing

End Sub



Public Property Let cssClass(str)

strCSSClass = " class='" & str & "'"

End Property

Public Property Let Homepage(str)

strHomePage = str

End Property

Public Property Let showFiles(str)

if lcase(trim(str)) = "1" or lcase(trim(str)) = "yes" or lcase(trim(str)) = "true" then

bolShowFiles = 1


bolShowFiles = 0

end if

End Property

Public Property Let showFilesNoExt(str)

if lcase(trim(str)) = "1" or lcase(trim(str)) = "yes" or lcase(trim(str)) = "true" then

bolShowFilesNoExt = 1


bolShowFilesNoExt = 0

end if

End Property

Public Property Let Uscore2Space(str)

if lcase(trim(str)) = "1" or lcase(trim(str)) = "yes" or lcase(trim(str)) = "true" then

bolUscore2Space = 1


bolUscore2Space = 0

end if

End Property

Public Property Let wordCase(str)

if lcase(trim(str)) = "mixed" or lcase(trim(str)) = "upper" or lcase(trim(str)) = "lower" then

strCaseFormat = lcase(trim(str))


strCaseFormat = "mixed"

end if

End Property

Public Property Let Delimiter(str)

strDelimiter = Server.HTMLEncode(trim(str))

End Property


Public Function changeName(tag,str)

dictReplaceWords.add lcase(tag), lcase(str)

End Function

Public Function Build()

dim tmpPath

dim strTmpPath

dim DirPath

dim FullPath

dim strContent

FullPath = strPath

response.write ("")

Do Until instr(1,FullPath,"/") = 0

'Split the string on the "/"

strTmpPath = Trim(mid(FullPath,1,instr(1,FullPath,"/")-1))

DirPath = DirPath & strTmpPath & "/"

'Replace the underscore with a space if the option is set

if bolUscore2Space = 1 then

strTmpPath = Replace(Trim(strTmpPath),"_"," ")

end if

if dictReplaceWords.exists(lcase(strTmpPath)) then

strTmpPath = dictReplaceWords.item(strTmpPath)

end if

'Apply the appropriate case to the entry

'get the next directory

FullPath = mid(FullPath,instr(1,FullPath,"/")+1,Len(FullPath)-Len(tmpPath))

'create the filename entry if applicable

dim tmpFileName

dim tmpFileNameLabel

tmpFileName = FullPath

if instr(1,tmpFileName,"/") = 0 then

if bolShowFilesNoExt = "1" then

dim intPos

intPos = InStrRev(tmpFileName , ".", -1, 1)

if intPos > 0 Then

tmpFileNameLabel = Left(tmpFileName , intPos - 1)

end if


tmpFileNameLabel = tmpFileName

end if


tmpFileName = ""

end if

select case lcase(strCaseFormat)

case "mixed"

strTmpPath = PCase(strTmpPath)

strHomePage = PCase(strHomePage)

case "upper"

strTmpPath = UCase(strTmpPath)

strHomePage = UCase(strHomePage)

case "lower"

strTmpPath = LCase(strTmpPath)

strHomePage = LCase(strHomePage)

case else

strTmpPath = PCase(strTmpPath)

strHomePage = PCase(strHomePage)

end select

'add home page link

if strTmpPath = "" then

response.write "" & strHomePage & ""


response.write " " & strDelimiter & " " & strTmpPath & ""

end if

if tmpFileName <> "" then

if bolShowFiles = "1" or bolShowFilesNoExt = "1" then

response.write " " & strDelimiter & " " & tmpFileNameLabel & ""

end if

end if


response.write ("

End Function


' This function takes a string and converts to Proper Case.

' Prototyped by: Brian Shamblen on 3/18/99

' This version by: Us... naturally! - ASP 101


private Function PCase(strInput)

Dim iPosition ' Our current position in the string (First character = 1)

Dim iSpace ' The position of the next space after our iPosition

Dim strOutput ' Our temporary string used to build the function's output

' Set our position variable to the start of the string.

iPosition = 1

' We loop through the string checking for spaces.

' If there are unhandled spaces left, we handle them...

Do While InStr(iPosition, strInput, " ", 1) <> 0

' To begin with, we find the position of the offending space.

iSpace = InStr(iPosition, strInput, " ", 1)

' We uppercase (and append to our output) the first character after

' the space which was handled by the previous run through the loop.

strOutput = strOutput & UCase(Mid(strInput, iPosition, 1))

' We lowercase (and append to our output) the rest of the string

' up to and including the current space.

strOutput = strOutput & LCase(Mid(strInput, iPosition + 1, iSpace - iPosition))

' Note:

' The above line is something you may wish to change to not convert

' everything to lowercase. Currently things like "McCarthy" end up

' as "Mccarthy", but if you do change it, it won't fix things like

' ALL CAPS. I don't see an easy compromise so I simply did it the

' way I'd expect it to work and the way the VB command

' StrConv(string, vbProperCase) works. Any other functionality is

' left "as an exercise for the reader!"

' Set our location to start looking for spaces to the

' position immediately after the last space.

iPosition = iSpace + 1


' Because we loop until there are no more spaces, it leaves us

' with the last word uncapitalized so we handle that here.

' This also takes care of capitalizing single word strings.

' It's the same as the two lines inside the loop except the

' second line LCase's to the end and not to the next space.

strOutput = strOutput & UCase(Mid(strInput, iPosition, 1))

strOutput = strOutput & LCase(Mid(strInput, iPosition + 1))

' That's it - Set our return value and exit

PCase = strOutput

End Function

end class %>

To implement it on a page, simply do the following


dim objBreadCrumb

set objBreadCrumb = new clsBreadCrumb

'Set a property

objBreadCrumb.wordCase = "upper"

' Changes the instance of a directory called "about" to "about this site"

objBreadCrumb.changeName("about", "about this site")



Use the guides at the top of the class source code and VOILA! a breadcrumb nav.

Jason Irving

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